Khamis, 10 Januari 2013

GLASS JAR - Airtight

Tea /Sugar /Coffee Floral Jar
10cm dia x 12cm -RM 39.90 /unit
Comes in beautiful gift box when purchased set of 3 pcs

Various sizes

Glass Jar Hexagonal XXL - RM 43.90
10cm dia x 12cm -RM 39.90

Glass Jar Grooved body w glass lid
XXL Round (20cm dia x 28cm) - RM 32.90
XL Square  (20cm x 26cm)- RM 24.90

Glass Jar Round Grooved body w metal lid
L (10cm dia x 20cm)- RM 9.90
M (10cm dia x 16cm)- RM 8.90
S (10cm dia x 12cm) - RM 7.90

Glass Jar Square body w metal lid
Size 9cm x 10cm

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